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Per als que llegiu la llengua anglesa, aquí teniu una entrevista amb en Leonard Orr feta aquest any en el seu viatge a la India. Poc després del taller que va fer a Barcelona, i que us vaig anunciar aquí fa pocs dies, en Leonard se’n va anar a l’India amb la Heike Strombach a la seva trobada anual amb en Haidakhan Babaji. Per la xarxa, des de l’India, m’ha arribat aquesta entrevista de la revista Life Positive. Us la recomano molt, doncs el concepte d’immortalitat física tal com l’enfoca en Leonard Orr és absolutament desconcertant i trenca amb totes les creences amb les que hem sigut formats la majoria de nosaltres.



Meet Leonard D Orr, founder of Rebirthing Breathwork, a form of breathing which he is

convinced will help you achieve immortality, says

Punya Srivastava



eonard D. Orr, 76, is better known

as the founder of Rebirthing

Breathwork, a form of continuous

and conscious breathing that is

said to heal our birth traumas and

launch us into a happy and healthy life. Even

more interestingly, Rebirthing Breathwork

also holds the possibility of helping us achieve

physical immortality. Despite being a land of

immortal yogis, India has not evinced much

interest in the possibility of living forever,

unlike the West, which has had an enduring

love affair with the concept. Leonard Orr, it

turns out, has had a lifelong fascination for

the subject and his exploration in Breathwork

soon gave him some breakthroughs in the area. Despite

being 76, he does not look his age, so it appears that

death may be weakening its grasp over him.

In the country for his ‘Babaji Trip’, Orr had just

returned to Delhi from his 10-day long training retreat

in Chandigarh. Dressed in a casual green kurta and rust

pants, he looked happy and fulfilled.


The pioneer of the concept of physical immortality in

the Western world, Orr came up with the rebirthing-

breathwork technique following his own experiences

of birth memory flashes while in a bathtub. By his own

calculation, about ten million people have benefitted

from his technique. It has also led to the foundation of

the Theta House, the first rebirthing centre in world.

Orr’s India connection arises from his discipleship of

Haidakhan Babaji who he visited several times

until the latter’s death in 1984. Although Haidakhan

is often confused with Mahavtar Babaji, the immortal

yogi of Paramahansa Yogananda fame, the two

appear to be different, although there is little clarity

on the subject.


Following is an excerpt from a long conversation

with Orr, ranging from physical immortality to his

Babaji connection.


You have been a researcher and seeker of

physical immortality since decades. How

do you describe this term?


Physical immortality is nothing but mastery of life,

or yoga of everlasting life. It involves mastery of

body or the physical universe. Today, this is the

missing element in most metaphysical systems.

This concept of mastery is very well presented in

the philosophy of Baba Gorakhnath. Just going into

the transcendental state during meditation is not

enough. We must be in that state throughout our

lives. This is the realistic meaning of the word

physical immortality.


Why would people want to achieve physical

immortality, trapped in the same boring life

and body? Why wouldn’t they want to expe

rience this world in various different lives

as different forms of creation?


The reason people are bored and feel trapped is

because that is exactly how they felt in their previ

ous life – bored and trapped. Death and rebirth didn’t

change anything. The problem is the mind, not eternal

life or death.


How would you describe the yoga of everlasting life?


It is simply the awareness of the energy body. This

awareness has to become a part of one’s five senses in

order to be in yoga. The next step is to cleanse the

energy body through spiritual purification. And lastly,

we need to practise spiritual communication to com

plete the cycle. Spiritual enlightenment, spiritual purification

and spiritual communication together lead to

spiritual development. Also, we need to make sure that

we build high quality relationships with people who

are doing enough spiritual purification, so as to con

-serve our energy.


How can one practise spiritual purification?


By doing earth, air, water and fire exercises. These

exercises help in cleansing the accumulations of death

cycle, pre-natal conditioning, birth trauma, and death

urge. Some of the immortals took as long as 300 years

to get rid of their conditionings and accumulations.

One needs to do enough spiritual purification to

achieve perfect existence, perfect consciousness and

perfect bliss – one’s full divine potential. I have been

following this cleansing regimen for 50 years.

I bathe twice a day before sunrise and sunset,

exercise prana yoga, fast once a week and

sleep with a fire burning in the fireplace.

These, according to me, are disciplines of

pleasure. They teach us self-mastery. There is

prana in water, air, food and fire. For example,

our relationship with food becomes more

conscious if we fast one whole day a week. I

feel much more refreshed on waking up in a

room with a fire crackling in the fireplace.


What do you mean when you say that

people have a death urge?


The death urge is a psychic entity that is

composed of your entire life thoughts, that of

helplessness, hopelessness, discouragement

and depression. Thoughts that negate our

fundamental divine nature are part of the

death urge. We inherit a whole complex of

these thoughts and also our family tradition.

It means that most people are likely to die at

the same age and with the same symptoms as

that of their parent of the same sex. All these

things bog down a person’s life urge and create

a complex of inner misery that prevents

him from feeling his full divine potential.


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