Special Nine Day Rebirthing Breathwork Training with Leonard Orr

This month I’m happy to let you know that I’ll be in India assisting Leonard Orr on a nine days Rebirthing Breathworker training in Dr.Newton Kondaveti center in the Children’s University project.

(Sunday Dec 21st through Monday Dec 29th 2014)

Experience a life changing retreat under the direct guidance of Leonard Orr the Founder and Father of Rebirthing Breathwork.

We use our breath to supply us directly with life energy. Conscious connected energy breathing will supply the “prana” we need to help us experience new inner dimensions, deep relaxation and healing. This retreat will help you learn and experience deep levels of spiritual purification. Learn practices for your everyday life which that can help with healthy harmonious living. Learn tools for relaxation, joy and professional success.

➢ Breath Awareness and Rebirthing Training
➢ Seminars for your personal and professional knowledge with Leonard Orr and teachers
➢ Fire, Water, Air, Earth and the Power of Our Thoughts
➢ Powerful individualized breathwork sessions
➢ Spiritual Purification, Silence and Fire Meditations, Fasting
➢ Special Seminars on Parenting and Working with Children

For more details please see Rebirth International official website:  http://rebirthingbreathwork.com/  

About Children’s Life University/Creative School

Children’s Life University, located at Creative School – the vision of Enlightened Master Dr Newton Kondaveti is a healing, inner growth and transformation centre for the whole family to heal and awaken our inner wisdom. Our school Creative is a conscious sangha (community) of parents and teachers who are healing ourselves and co-creating a new way of parenting and education of our children. This is our fifth year of existence. Today, our community has 87 children and 40 adults – parent-teachers and support staff coming together on a daily basis. We have truly felt divine support and guidance in this amazing journey from immortal and physical Masters! Come join us in this sacred space!

For more details please visit http://www.cluglobal.org 


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