On Immortality


Physical immortality is one of the less understood concepts of Leonard Orr’s books and speeches.

Physical immortality is not about the immortality of the ego or physical immortality itself. It’s about melting your will into the Will of God while having a body. It’s about gaining control over matter – as great masters/bodhisattvas did, and as it is said in the sacred scriptures (Krishna, Babaji, Jesus Christ, Buda, etc.). Then you can choose to consciously die (Mahāsamādhi) or melt into light because you have stopped the wheel of the Samsara, the wheel of death and life.

Leonard was a Swami, a bodhicitta. He never played this game and this has confused many people, as I see. His will was to destroy the idea of the body as a sin and embrace the divinity of the body. The cancer of our society is the idea of the division between the divinity of the soul and the body. It’s what he calls unconscious death urge.

That’s Leonard’s legacy. And that’s what Rebirthing is about. That’s what guided conscious connected breathing helps us to achieve.

We first become spiritual enlightened. Which means that we acknowledge the illusion of the reality. We know that the world we see is a projection of our unconscious. We acknowledge that we are the creators of our suffering and that we’re able to stop it. We want to be no longer victims and no longer opressors. We start taking responsibility for our lives.

Then, if we become bodhicitta which means being really committed to the truth, eventually, we’ll become emotionally enlightened. Which means that we have healed our emotional body. Or our pain body as Eckhart Tolle says. Then there will be no more unconscious thoughts. There will be no projections. We will be able to see the world as it is.

At the end of this path we become physically enlightened. We gain control over matter because our will has melted into the Will of God as I said before. Very few of the enlightened masters in this point become bodhisattvas. Which means that they decide to renounce to “their” “liberty” and come back or stay on earth (immortality) until the whole humanity attain Buddhahood. Which means that they can come back on earth whether by birth or materialising their” body from light. They become avatars. Like Mahavatar Babaji.

It’s nothing that Leonard Orr has invented. There are many movies about that. The most recent one: The Old Guard. It is also in the old sacred scriptures. It’s a very old thing. He studied theology. He was really interested in it. He traveled the world looking for immortals and he found them. He was a really interesting person with highly interesting stories to tell. He became a kind of Brahman for the people of all classes. He was humble and really committed to the truth. He gave us one of the most powerful tools on earth for the western people to get out of our mess.

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